About Us

Kenakore gives you ultimate flexibility –

In 1997, Kenakore Solutions began providing warehousing, inventory management and order fulfillment services to industrial products manufacturers and their sales channel partners.

As the North American manufacturing environment changed, Kenakore’s services evolved to include a wide range of advanced third party logistics focused on global supply chain management. Leading global manufactures and Fortune 200 companies now make up Kenakore’s growing stable of satisfied clients.

From our 82,000 square foot Supply Chain Logistics Center in Perrysburg, Ohio, Kenakore provides statistically perfect warehousing operations and flexible order fulfillment capabilities that meet the most stringent customer requirements. Our range of services include:

Supply Chain Services:

  • Global Product Flow Synchronization
  • Aftermarket & Service Parts Fulfillment
  • Supplier Management & Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Diagnostic & Design

Logistics Center Services:

  • Kitting & Light Assembly
  • Packaging & Brand Labeling
  • JIT & Production Sequencing
  • Returns Settlement

Additionally, we extend our expertise via professional consulting services.

We help your company with Global Synchronization:

Inject efficiency into your global supply chain with a domestic consolidation point. Kenakore synchronizes the flow of offshore manufactured products or components to the U.S. – and houses them at our Supply Chain Logistics Center – so you meet the “real-time” response requirements of U.S. plants and markets.

  • Sufficient domestic inventory supply buffers demand variances and guards your supply chain from disaster events in other countries
  • Accurate, balanced inventories let you meet market demand without costly over-investment
  • Reliable, consistent arrival and coordination of products satisfies your plant and market demands

Domestic warehouse space lets you order and receive in high volumes to take advantage of best pricing

Kenakore supports your aftermarket and service fulfillment

  • Exceptional fulfillment performance occurs without significant, ongoing investment in specialized technologies and intellectual capital
  • Order shipping on-time, every time boosts your credibility and customer satisfaction
  • Accurate, balanced inventories let you meet market demand without costly over-investment